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This blog is informative and motivational rather than being a personal transformation story. In it you will get some notes from me on different activities I try along the way, but the main focus is informing you, the reader. The blog presents you with reviews, research, ideas and tips to keep you motivated and exited about your personal fitness journey. 

Exercise has always been very important to me, though my dedication to it has ebbed and flowed.  A few years ago I was a competitive rower, training 10-12 times a week (including rowing in snow until our boat got stuck in ice... you Brits are insane, I tell you, insane! Though then I came back to Australia and rowed in 35 degree weather, which other people might argue is not normal either, so maybe it is just rowers in general).

At the time, I had the physical strength to pull an impressive ergo score, but not the fitness to actually train as hard as we did. Results are that even two and a half years later, I was only just beginning to recover properly.

So, now I'm interested in teaching people about building general baseline fitness, health, strength and flexibility in equal measure. The goal is to prepare your body for any challenge that might be thrown at it. 

Therefore, this site looks at the whole spectrum of exercise and fitness fads, from insane weight lifting to gentle stretching and meditation.

Please note that I'm an intelligent, active person but I'm not a trained professional and what I state here will be based on some research or experience which I think sounds sensible, but with so many differing opinions on what is actually good practice, I will more than definitely eventually put up something that is wrong. So please consult with a physician or specialist before trying anything new and if it hurts, stop.

I'm always happy to answer questions and research into new things when asked and if you think I've said something that is wrong, let everyone know by commenting. Though, anything rude or offensive, I keep the right to delete.

So, please enjoy.

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