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An important part of most people's fitness journey is their diet. It fuels the work outs, provides the nutrients to build better and more efficient bodies, and helps to keep the weight off so the body can move further with less resistance. So throughout the blog I review some of the latest diets to see how realistic and sustainable they are for most people. If you have any diet you would like to hear more about, just send me an email at: and I'll look into it.

Paleo-Type Diets:

The Primal Diet: The Basics
Very similar to the basic concept of the Paleo diet, the Primal Blueprint was developed by Mark Sisson, and covers diet and exercise. This is the first of the three posts, and outlines the diet component, which is probably the most radical/important aspect of the program.

How To Get Started On The Primal Diet
After looking at the diet and the fitness program, I then looked at how you can actually start implementing the advice Mark gives.

Intermittent Fasting Diets:

There are a growing number of diets based on the concept of Intermittent Fasting. I've checked out a few, and even started a challenge testing two of the most common types against each other!

The 8 Hour Diet: Review
This was the first Intermittent Fasting diet I looked at, where you could eat whatever you wanted, but only within an 8 hour window every day. This didn't make me want to do this particular fast, but got me interested in the general concept. At the end I did a call out for anyone who wanted to test it, and Jo stepped up to the plate.

The 5:2 Diet: Review
Another form of intermittent fasting, the 5:2 diet allows you to eat normally 5 days a week, and 'fast' with a severely restricted calorie intake (1/4 of your normal requirements) 2 days a week. This was my diet of choice for the Hunger Games. 

The Hunger Games:
To test out the two intermittent fasting diets, Jo and I go head to head as we both take on one of the plans for 2 weeks.

Hunger Games Introduction
This is the first in the series introducing the gladiators and their weapons of choice.

HG: The 8 Hour Diet 8th Day Wrap
Jo gives us her first check-in after testing out the program for 8 days. She lists her exact weightloss, and adds her comments on the book.

Meal Delivery Systems:

Lite'n'Easy Review
Lite'n'Easy is an Australian meal delivery company which I've tried on an off for a number of years. For this I actually created a video so you can see exactly what you get with the system.

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