Need some help building your cardio fitness?
Here are great programs and ideas for getting you into shape.


What is Fitness?
Without a definition of fitness, how do you know whether you are actually fit? Follow this up with some simple tests to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

4 Steps to Starting A Fitness Program.
Inspired to start a new fitness program but don't know where to start? Here's the perfect place!

Better than Setting Goals:
Yes, setting goals is important, especially if you want to be able to achieve something at the end. But if you just want to have fun and be active? Well try this instead!

Fitness Testing:
Fitness testing is not just something to be done once and then forgotten about. Constant measuring should be the basis of all fitness programs. So here are some tips for reassessing and reviewing your current program.

Fitness Approaches:
There are many suggestions on how you should work out, so here are some of the top ones I've reviewed. They can be applied to most types of cardio training: running, walking, cycling, rowing, you name it. Some can even be used for strength training.

Maffetone Method Part 1: What is it?
The Maffetone Method has been very popular, particularly among endurance sports, and claims to make exercise fun, non-stressful and actually effective. Based on the theories and experience of Dr. Phil Maffetone, it's focused is on working out below your aerobic threshold.

Maffetone Method Part 2: The Practicals.
So, how do you actually work out according to the Maffetone Method? Find out how to work out your aerobic threshold and tips for using the approach.

Maffetone Method Part 3: Review
After laying out the theory and how to do it, I finally give you my opinion on how well it works and what other people are saying.

Primal Blueprint Fitness Program Review
Primal Blueprint is an inclusive fitness/diet/lifestyle program. However, in this post I just look at the fitness program aspect of it. This covers what the program recommends and why.

Joys and Sadnesses of Walking in the Country:
I muse on the the great sites of my walk in the country while my back was too injured for me to jog. If nothing else, check this post out for the cutest photographs of a baby wombat you will ever see.


Introduction to Couch to 5K.
Never been a runner but always dreamt of hitting the 5k mark? This is the program for you as over 9 weeks it takes you from walking with just a few short jogging bursts to being able to jog nonstop for 30minuets.

Couch to 5k Review.
Don't trust the claims of the Couch to 5K program? Well, my little sister tests it out to see if it is as easy as it claims to be.

Couch to 5k Three Weeks In.
Jenny checks back in after three works on the program, and gives her advice.

Racing Tips:
Learn from my mistakes as I undertake a 10k 'fun' run.

Barefoot Running Part 1
You've probably heard of it by now, but what exactly is Barefoot Running, also known as minimalist running or natural running? This also has some great tips for strengthening your feet up before hitting the tarmac!

Barefoot Running Part 2: The Best Technique
So, now you know what basics, it's time to cover how to do it well. Barefoot running can cause more injuries if you start doing it incorrectly.

Barefoot Running Part 3: Choosing Shoes
Despite the name, most people don't actually run in bare feet there are just too many environmental risks. So in this post I look at some of the different shoes you can get to help you transition to barefoot running.

Barefoot Running Part 3, v.2: Make Your Own Barefoot Shoes
Have a bit of time and feeling creative? Why not follow this YouTube series and make your own barefoot running shoes.

Half Marathon Training:
Having decided to start training for my half marathon, I turn to good friend and state marathon runner Kate Scarlett for advice on what to look for in a training program.

Half Marathon Training - Pre Training Week
This is the first in a series of reports back on how my training is going. Follow the links to find the rest.

As an ex-rower myself, I highly recommend it as one of the best ways to get overall fitness and tone. If you have never been on a rowing machine before, or feel like you might be doing it wrong, follow my 3 part series to teach you everything you need to know.

Part 1: The Three Variables - Drag, Rating and Power.
In order to develop a suitable program to work out what you intend to work out, you need to know how drag (resistance), rating (speed) and power all work together on a rowing machine.

Part 2: Technique.
A little bit of technique goes a long way to improving your times and efficiency on a rowing machine, as well as protecting against injury.

Part 3: Programs.
Don't know where to start with a rowing program? well there are some great online tools and programs you can download for fitness or to get you into racing shape.

Random Activities to Get the Blood Flowing:

Guest Post: Swing When You're Winning.
After a trip to New Orleans, guest poster Natalie Beck comes back raving about the Swing Dancing scene.

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