Strength training is an important part of a holistic training program, but it doesn't have to be just lifting heavy weights or make you look like Arnie.

Designing a Weights Program:
This series gives you all the basic information to evaluate and design your own weights program.

Part 1: The Theory
To create the best program, you need to know how different types of training affects your body. Learn about the four types of weights training and the muscles you should be working out.

Part 2: The Practicals
Here is when you take the theory from last week, and apply it to your particular situation to develop a tailored program.

Types of Training:

Tabata Training
This is a method of training that can be used for most forms of exercise, the purpose of it is to to increase your anaerobic capacity, while also building your aerobic. Maybe not strictly a 'strength' exercise, but it can be used to build up muscle.

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